Cutting-edge technologies drive innovation: KHC public chain emerges at the right moment

KHC: redefining finance


Traditional financial institutions are called centralized financial institutions. The essence of its business model is to provide value transfer, improve the credit quota and provide insurance service based on credit. This can make capitals flow freely around the world, gather user information, monopolize living sectors including clothing, foods, housing and traveling, and achieve huge benefits.


However, traditional financial ecosystem is faced with many serious problems, including black case work, unfair distribution, low benefit ceiling, high threshold, unbalanced regional development, etc.


In contrast, DeFi which is decentralized finance, enables users to access financial services like loan and trading without relying on centralized entities (e.g. bank, stock exchange, etc.), and it also naturally avoids many potential risks.


So, more and more users have begun to use DeFi.


KHC initiates the revolution of finance, technologies and even the social and economic systems by using DeFi tools and based on the fair, transparent and sharing blockchain technology and idea. This eliminates the worldwide gap, realizes optimization in balancing and redistribution of social capitals and promotes balanced, sustainable and rapid development of the human society.


Innovation driving: Cross-chain technology supports KHC


Nowadays, the virtual currency world has had nearly trillions of dollars of digital assets which are distributed in different blockchain networks. In order to support development of financial application based on all the digital assets, KHC tries to establish a set of multi-chain architecture, so that all the blockchains in this architecture can exchange information and values better.


Cross-chain technology guarantees the interoperability between different blockchains, which is the key of KHC’s establishment of a digital finance application ecosystem.


With the technological innovation, can the blockchain industry have a bright future. The decentralized trading opportunity has already come. KHC public blockchain will be launched very soon!