Axie Infinity’s single-day revenue broke tens of millions! Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

According to Token Terminal data of data statistics company: Axie Infinity’s one-day revenue was $18.48 million, its monthly revenue was $334 million, and its market value reached $4 billion within 3 months. Its ecological token AXS also rose 46 times in just 3 months, from about 2 USDT in June to the highest 94.8 USDT. Axie Infinity is taking the spotlight. According to the latest data from Coingecko, AXS is currently worth around 66 USDT and is still going up.

Axie Infinity's single-day revenue broke tens of millions!  Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

The popularity of AXIE has undoubtedly opened up a good traffic portal for the game market of blockchain, many more investors and even the players in traditional game have broken into and opened the Nuggets mode. However, as the volume of NFT transactions continues to rise, the price of AXS has soared, and the cost of entry for ordinary players has also risen which from the first ten dollars to the current thousands of dollars, this mechanism has obviously made Axie Infinity in an abnormal circle that “Want to make money? Take the risks firstly”, players who intervene early often get the largest dividends, while those who enter the game later has the risk of related tokens crashing in the secondary market. Once its token price pulls back sharply, the money effect is weakened, and the demand for Axie will also decreases, which inevitably fall into a “death spiral”.


In addition, players who participate in the game face a similar risk of “impermanent loss” to those who pledge DEFI liquidity. Since the participation in the game requires them to invest in ETH to purchase Axie, if the price of ETH plummets, the loss of capital may be further exacerbated and ultimately outweighed by the loss of capital.


For this reason, many players have already started to turn their attention to other more promising projects. But for now, most of the gamefi projects on the market are just simple imitations of the axie model, without any innovation, let alone giving solutions to the hidden problems of this mechanism bubble, until the emergence of Dragon Mainland.

Axie Infinity's single-day revenue broke tens of millions!  Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

【Whats the Dragon Mainland?】


Dragon Mainland is a card strategy turn-based game, which also requires 3 pets (in this case, dragons) to team up and play against each other like Axie. The White Paper describes it as follows: “Dragon Mainland is an encrypted collectible game with PvP (Player versus Player) battles, PvE (Player versus Environment) battles, advanced breeding, free trading, collection and raising. In the game, players can absorb dragon bones and devour other dragons to strengthen their attributes, and also go to the trading market to trade their own dragons.” It’s about collecting dragons for battles, but compared to other chain game projects in the market, Dragon Mainland is clearly superior, both from the perspective of gameplay and economic model.


【Rich game play of kryptonite experience to meet the different needs of players】


Most of the game modes in the chain game market are relatively single at present,and Axie has made many changes in the gameplay, but it still looks boring compared with traditional games. Dragon Mainland, on the other hand, not only has the 3D turn-based battle mode, trading, and breeding, but also adds a variety of more playable game mechanics such as “dragon breeding” and “ladder battle”.

Axie Infinity's single-day revenue broke tens of millions!  Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

For example, Dragon Mainland introduces “Dragon Bone” as a prop in the game ecology, which allows players to absorb it to upgrade their attributes, and also allows their dragon to devour other dragons of the same breed so as to upgrade the skills. Here, they introduced the classic gameplay of NFT: blind box! It is said that the platform will release a certain number of treasure boxes every day, and users can pledge DMS of corresponding value (note: DMS is the main TOKEN of its ecology, totaling 1 billion, which can be obtained through games or staking) to participate in the lottery, and after winning the lottery, they can get the treasure box and the pledged DMS will be destroyed, and if they do not win the lottery, the pledge will be released. Each address can only get one at most. So, have you interested in its gameplay? Besides, the closed loop of value inside is the biggest highlight of this project.


The white paper of Dragon Mainland shows that its “raising” mode is not so simple. If you think you’ve won the lottery and are the big boss, you’re wrong. Dragon Mainland has five attributes, divided into three levels: low, medium and high, which appear randomly in the blind box you open. The lower level dragon bones add the weakest attributes, while the latter become stronger. In addition, each dragon bone has random attributes, players can only absorb the highest level dragon bone with the same attribute to “possibly” get the highest attribute boost, why? The process of absorbing dragon bones may also produce errors, when it is absorbed in non-critical parts, its final attribute will be reduced.


Is there an easier way to get the highest grade dragon bone except opening the blind box? Of course: 1. Buy in Marketplace; 2. Synthesis of bones


The dragon bones in Dragon Mainland have the function of synthesis, that is, five dragon bones of the same attribute can be synthesized into a higher-level dragon bone, and each dragon can absorb up to three dragon bones. Therefore, players can choose the most efficient upgrade method through probability calculation, and they can also sell their useless keel on the Marketplace. This means that Dragon Mainland meets the specific needs of each player.

Axie Infinity's single-day revenue broke tens of millions!  Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

Many people may think the game is too difficult, but the fact is that this mechanism is precisely the most important part of the entire ecological value closed loop, and it is also the biggest factor in the promotion of ecological token value and the sustainable development of the game. Big demand for high attribute of dragon → big demand of dragon bones → increased DMP demand (consumption when bone is absorbed) → the value of DMP increases and combat demand increases when the supply is less than demand. In addition, Dragon Mainland will not have the problem of bubble and the proliferation of pets in the Axie market. There are two reasons: 1. The dragon in the Dragon Mainland can be swallowed. This limits the unlimited expansion of the number of dragons in the market, prevents the negative impact on the value of the NFT caused by the overwhelming number, thereby increasing the value of the dragon itself. 2. Reasonable and perfect recovery mechanism of the project party. Each time a player enters a dungeon, his physical strength will be consumed. This setting is to control the overall revenue of the game on the day. In addition, each battle in the Dragon Mainland will cause a certain consumption of the dragon itself (loyalty or hunger) , Which requires players to exchange part of their accumulated earnings for rations from time to time.


For this reason, Dragon Mainland’s gameplay mechanism has long-term sustainability. Its rich game scenes and multi-token design improve the risk resistance of the project system.


Multiple income channels

Axie Infinity's single-day revenue broke tens of millions!  Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

For players, in addition to the closed-loop focus on the value of the project, how much revenue they can ultimately obtain is also most important to everyone. If you have also known about this project, then you should know that the setting of Dragon Mainland revenue output is very friendly to players. Players in the ecology can not only obtain income (Token reward or NFT) from the game (dragon battle, breeding or cultivation), but also obtain unique token rewards through liquidity mining, governance and other channels. For details, you can check the official information.


I mentioned earlier that Dragon Mainland has also set up a gameplay such as a ladder competition, which will not only give DMS rewards to the top players every week, but also set up a ranking display page. So fantastic it is.


Battle, breeding, trading, etc. are just the initial gameplay of Dragon Mainland. According to the official roadmap, it will also add AR hunting for dragons in the later stage, and it will also open NFT transactions such as land and buildings in the Marketplace. Which is a concept in the meta-universe that has been hot in recent months, so I have to say that the pattern of the Dragon Mainland project is really large.


With such perfect setting of “economic closed loop”, “ Khorium/shrinkage mechanism” and “multiple income”, its token and NFT value will inevitably enter an explosive growth stage. According to official disclosures, Dragon Mainland will soon launch the pre-sale of Genesis Dragon Eggs. The total number of Genesis Dragon Eggs is 10,000, and each user can only grab one. You could pay attention to their official news if your are interested in that,. (Buying channels:


Summary: Dragon Mainland is realizing each step of the route planning step by step. Its multiple benefit setting gives users the opportunity to double their wealth, while the rich game scenes and dual-token mechanism give the project anti-risk ability and sustainability. And each of us is in the future planning of Dragon Mainland, which will lead us into a fair, just and free decentralized world, and feel the true charm of the meta universe.


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