IBN Corp Ltd Announces Strategic Collaboration With Infinite Virtual Space

IBN Corp Ltd has confirmed that its partnership with Infinite Virtual Space (IVS) will commence from 9th March,2022. This strategic collaboration seeks to bridge real estate and economies of virtual world and physical world by bringing together IBN Corp’s unparalleled experience and insight in the real estate industry as well as the metaverse real estate and digital knowledge of IVS.

IBN Corp Ltd Announces Strategic Collaboration With Infinite Virtual Space

This new digital innovation collaboration enables IBN Corp to further strengthen its brand position as a top property developer in Southeast Asia.

Wangqi, the Deputy Head of Innovation and Technology Department of IBN Corp said, “We are ready to step into the metaverse in which the basic building blocks has been laid down perfectly. We are confident that our partnership with Infinite Virtual Space will raise the current virtual real estate and real-world economy to new heights.”

As a pioneer in this industry, IBN Corp has shared their research and analysis on the metaverse. “We hope to achieve impactful breakthrough for the economies of both worlds through digitalisation of property rights, development of new paradigm for property ownership confirmation and innovative virtual landscape designs,”he added.

Xpace, the flagship nonfungible token (NFT) issued by Infinite Virtual Space (IVS) is working towards creating a decentralised metaverse with diversified commercial scenarios.

About IBN Corp Ltd

IBN Corp Ltd is a multinational enterprise that focuses on tourism real estate development and construction investment in Southeast Asia countries. The Company operates based on the core value of integrity to deliver innovative and high-quality projects. Using its expertise in industrial development and operating capital management, the Company is able to cover six fields of business comprising project development, trading, property management, services, hotel management and utilities. To better manage the projects initiated in Southeast Asia, the Company has set up a regional business hub in Malaysia with various subsidiaries based in China, Singapore and Malaysia.

In the past decade, IBN Corp has initiated various innovative projects in Malaysia with a total Gross Development Value of USD 8 billion and a total built-up area of 8.35 million square metres. The Company strives to become a world-renowned property developer through its diversified business operations that rapidly adopts emerging technologies.


About Infinite Virtual Space (IVS)

IBN Corp Ltd Announces Strategic Collaboration With Infinite Virtual Space

IVS is a comprehensive solution provider for the metaverse. Its flagship products consist of X-Engine, IVS MetaProtocol and the prime NFT asset in the IVS ecosystem.

X-engine is a virtual reality codeless development engine and a User Generated Content platform in the virtual 3D space.

IVS Protocol supports multi-chain deployment, and realise the advancement of ecological development and governance through the token economic model.

All of the above makes IVS one of the leading pioneers in building a metaverse ecology with a multichain structure.



Link source:https://www.ibn168.com/partnership_details.php?p_page=ivs