MSA DAO Committee launches preparations to build a global win-win eco-community

Recently, Meta Space Alliance (MSA, Chinese translation: 元宇宙空间联盟) released an announcement to announce the official launch of the decentralized organization MSA DAO. It also opens preparations for the building of the MSA DAO committee. This is another milestone event after the inclusion of Turing Lab into the Alliance’s ecosystem this year, heralding the growth and improvement of MSA’s global ecosystem.

A decentralised organisation (DAO) is an effective form of organisation that can operate autonomously today in response to an uncertain, diverse and complex environment by publishing smart contracts on the chain and transferring the rules of operation and management of the organisation to a decentralised community in an open and transparent manner, thus avoiding centralised control or third party intervention.

Unlike the dominant forms of organisation or phenomena in economic society, DAOs are characterised by complexity and diversity, autonomous interaction, full openness, decentralised control and emergence, and are completely free from the spatial limitations and constraints of the real physical world. Through event-driven or goal-driven, DAOs can quickly develop a strong propagation effect and high-frequency interaction because the core concept of DAOs is technology neutrality, which exists independently of the blockchain world, and the creative ideas of DAOs have a huge potential to influence the real world and further contribute to the equal and orderly development of the business world and forms of organisation.


Based on the distributed and decentralized nature of the blockchain and the efficiency of the organization, there is no central node and hierarchical management structure in SA DAO. The existence of smart contracts strongly ensures the orderly and uniform operation of the DAO organization and rules. All operating rules, reward and punishment mechanisms, and the division of responsibilities and powers of community members are open and transparent on-chain data. MSA DAO follows the principles of equality, voluntariness, reciprocity and mutual benefit, and collaborates effectively under the incentive mechanism of pass-through, thus generating a powerful synergy effect, and realizing the ambitious vision of MSA DAO through the competition, interaction and collaboration of different network nodes.

At the same time, the MSA DAO committee is selected based on the size and activity of the global community and Token holdings, etc. The design of the holdings determining the voice greatly ensures the stability and growth of the Token model and value.

In the long run, MSA DAO managers will ultimately be able to drive the direction of the Metaverse Space Alliance. Other areas of more immediate concern include economic revisions, feature releases, asset release schedules, and the optionality of incorporating player-created content. In addition to incentive rates, the MSA DAO controls agreements that can be used to pay for development, pay incentives or support value or reduce total supply by burning a portion of the MSA, keeping a great deal of control over the overall pulse of MSA development.