New organizational paradigm driven by DDDS DAO blockchain technology

The full name of DAO is Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and the Chinese translation is “decentralized autonomous organization” or “decentralized autonomous organization”. According to the earlier official website of Ethereum, DAO is a group of like-minded people, an organization built around a certain mission, which coordinates and cooperates through a set of rules (smart contracts) executed on the blockchain, Finally, to achieve the mission.

Historically, the concept of organization has centered around strict ownership structures. Companies began to introduce open, flat organizational structures that allowed more people in the company to have their voices heard. Ultimately, however, making decisions for the entire organization is usually the responsibility of one person or a small number of people.

DDDS adopts the operation method of DAO, that is, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is a decentralized autonomous organization in Chinese. It is an organization that is completely controlled by the participants and is not affected by any centralized subject. Make decisions using programs written in open and transparent code. The financial transaction records and procedures of DAOs are kept on the blockchain.

Its advantages are:

1). Eliminate malpractice. The funds of DDDS are obtained and used in an open and transparent manner. The source and destination of each fund are very clear, and there is no underground transaction.

2). Reduce communication costs. There is no room for negotiation in the implementation of a certain decision, it only needs to be run according to the proposal obtained by the contract and voting.

3). Reduce management costs. DDDS has a hierarchical structure, no CEO, no manager, and no management costs.

4). Equality. DDDS has no hierarchy and everyone is equal. No one person has decision-making power, and everyone can propose solutions for the organization and all of them may be used.

5). Unity. All participants hold DDDS tokens, and the better DDDS works, the more valuable the tokens will be. Therefore, all participants will have the same goal, which is to make DDDS run better. At the same time, a certain amount of tokens are required to make proposals and votes. Therefore, voters will start from the perspective of DDDS and sincerely work for the benefits of DDDS.

DDDS is mainly based on the world, and all countries have established offline consensus communities, which are operated by the nature of community autonomy. It aims to develop social e-commerce products in a decentralized organizational model. Most of the core team members come from Google and early blockchain spirit geeks and people from all walks of life. DDDS is built on smart contracts, and the code is audited by the well-known auditing company CERTIK. Pursue fairness, justice and openness.

DDDS uses the DAO method to face all participants in the world. Everyone is a participant and a manager of DAO. DDDS takes points as a link, empowers entities as its own responsibility, and combines online and offline to reach member consumers and merchants. And the long-term win-win situation of the enterprise. And participate in the underlying distributed network contribution incentives, and reward members of the DDDS encryption world through tokenDDDS.

We have every reason to believe that DAO will surpass the centralized management method and flourish in the future. With all due respect to those who embrace and embark on the DDDS journey while bringing about meaningful change through the “future of work” and safer, smarter, better meritocratic structures.

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