MetaSecond.AI OG Event – 1st Meta Solider Recruitment Event

MetaSecond.AI OG Event - 1st Meta Solider Recruitment Event

Get ready for the Meta Soldier Recruitment — the verrrry 1st OG event for MetaSecond.AI!

Buckle up buttercups, the hype train is leaving the station!

Calling all brave-hearts and adventure-seekers, this is your chance to become a Meta Soldier — the most badass role in our community! Be an early bird and join MetaSecond.AI to help build and protect our metaverse. This ain’t no soldier boy-band, only the strong survive! 💪

Ready to catch this neuro-train to fame and fortune? Enlist now before spots run out! Hustle hustle, no time to bustle. Destiny awaits, let’s seize the day!

How to become a Meta Solider:

1️⃣ Follow @MetaSecond_AI

2️⃣ Tag 3 frnds & RT the Recruitment TW & ❤️

3️⃣ Join:

Fill the form:

Rewards & Benefits:

✅ 100,000 Metacoins for 500 ppl

✅ Gain unique community character logos and titles

✅ Participate in ChatBOT’s internal testing in the future

✅ More rewards and benefits to be announced in the future!

Event Time:

⏰July 24, 10:00 AM — July 30, 10:00 AM (UTC)

Join MetaSecond.AI and become a badass Meta Soldier! Hurry!

MetaSecond.AI Intro:

MetaSecond.AI is an AI-driven multiverse platform that aims to transcend the boundaries of existing virtual worlds and create a digital universe where everything is interconnected both online and offline.

If you want to know more about the MetaSecond.AI, we recommend visiting the links below.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper | Medium

🎉Thank you for supporting the MetaSecond.AI community!

Stay tuned as MetaSecond.AI is cooking!