AMC global car chain with trillion market, is about to start the era ofcar chain network!

The automobile industry has gonethrough a hundred years of development, and the industrial patternhas gradually passed the mature stage, ushering in a new round ofchange. Vehicle manufacturing, parts manufacturing and otherperipheral services bring together a large number of top engineeringtechnology and huge industrial clusters, the development of theseindustries promote the global automotive industry innovation andupgrading, the formation of the backbone of the global manufacturingindustry, but also the focus of human engineering technology.

Now that the global automotiveindustry is entering the era of new energy and intelligence,traditional driving models are about to be replaced by driverless andartificial intelligence, and to achieve this huge leap, it needs tobe supported by credible big data. It is conceivable that, for theforeseeable future, big data will be the central driving forcedriving the automotive industry forward, ushering in a revolution inthe industry.

AMC global car chain with trillion market, is about to start the era ofcar chain network!

Blockchain Plus big data is the keyto ensuring that big data sources are reliable and data is authentic.Automotive Chain is committed to empowering the automotive industrythrough blockchain and big data to bring new intelligent carexperiences to people, behind which the global automotive chain dataassetization model is disrupting the entire industry and is expectedto impact the global trillion-dollar automotive market in the future.

AMC’sglobal car chain is across the globe

Launched by the AMC Foundation Ltd.Foundation in Singapore, AMC Global Car Chain is a blockchain-basedautomotive data assetization solution created by 100 industryresources worldwide. The global automotive chain will provide theunderlying infrastructure for the acquisition, validation, storage,analysis and application of automotive big data with the unique,non-tamperable distributed ledger technology and anonymous privacyprotection technology of blockchain technology, and build aprofessional big data service platform for the production (M end),after-car market (B end) and owner service (C end) of the automotiveindustry, and optimize the production, repair and after-salesmanagement of the automotive industry with large data. Provide bigdata solutions for the public sector and third-party businesses,while providing personalized mobile services to vehicle owners.

In this era, big data is the mostimportant means of production, like the industrial era of crude oil,the development of all industries are inseparable from theapplication of big data, real and effective big data has become moreand more important. “Blockchain Plus” big data can realizethe acquisition of big data to the application process of trust, thetrusted big data into assets, through a more economical way toachieve the flow of data, so that the value of data is highlighted,bringing greater economic and social benefits.

Hitthe industry pain point and subvert the development model

The current use and penetration ofbig data in the automotive industry is very limited, themanufacturing side of big data is not shared with each other, theservice side urgently needs to be through big data to liftconstraints, release the development potential; Let’s sort it out,and the following pain points are at the root of the problem:

  • Big data is monopolized by car companies and big Internet platforms, and data assets cannot be unleashed by individuals;
  • Information asymmetry has long plagued the development of the industry, resulting in a huge barrier of trust between car owners and car companies and service providers;
  • It’s easy to buy a car, it’s hard to make good decisions in the face of the huge after-car market;
  • As cars become more and more intelligent, system safety hazards will persist for a long time, and it is very important to ensure the safety of driving.

AMC global car chain with trillion market, is about to start the era ofcar chain network!

At the heart of these problems isthat the value of big data has not been unearthed, and big datacannot really empower the industry to develop, making it slow tobecome fully intelligent. The big data assetization solution of theglobal automotive chain will fundamentally solve the core problem,enable blockchain technology to build trusted big data in theindustry, develop distributed artificial intelligence, and makecomprehensive use of big data systems to support manufacturing,after-car services and owners; Complementary advantages are formed,and for vehicle owners, distributed artificial intelligence systemspush the most suitable vehicle maintenance and repair solutions tothe owner-user.

Layouttrillion market, value take-off in the immediate

According to statistics, the globalautomotive industry’s total vehicle sales, parts and automotivemarket value reached 5 trillion U.S. dollars, superimposed travel,logistics and other services industry, the overall market volume of50 trillion U.S. dollars! From the scale of the industry, the impactof the automotive industry on other industries is huge, all walks oflife are inseparable from the automobile. The global car chain ismainly focused on the standard automobile manufacturing industry andafter-car service industry, and with the help of the automotive coreindustry to influence the derivatives market.

AMC global car chain with trillion market, is about to start the era ofcar chain network!

According to the development plan ofthe global car chain, in 2021 the technical development andintelligent contract deployment of AMC main network will becompleted, the global cooperation of vehicle enterprises and partsenterprises reached 500, the five ecological AMC automotive originalassembly traceability system, the global chain digital accessoriesmall, the global chain digital assetization platform, the globalchain owner service DAPP and the automotive service provider allianceplatform, and gradually completed the online operation.

At the same time, the global carchain will also actively develop the global community of car ownersresources, together with the vast number of car owners to maintainthe global car chain network, to provide resources. It is expectedthat the global car chain will initially adopt a preferentialhardware promotion model to encourage owners to turn on AMC drivingmining. Global car chain officials estimate that by 2021, the globalchain will drive the global community to 5 million people, more than10 million people within five years, AMC’s five ecological revenue ofmore than 10 billion U.S. dollars.

AMC Token is the only value carrierin the global chain and will soon be traded online. Holding AMC canparticipate in community governance, enjoy ecological dividendairdrops, AMC big data access, ecological consumption concessions.AMC total 1 billion pieces, verification nodes will be opened throughthe proceeds of holding coins and promotion of mining to absorb moreAMC into the mine pledge, AMC Ecology will frequently access bigdata, these mechanisms will significantly reduce the total amount ofAMC circulation, with the AMC ecological improvement and applicationof increasing, AMC Token value will show a spiral.

The global car chain adopts thetechnology architecture and data assetization model of “blockchainplus big data”, which will effectively promote the developmentof intelligent travel, promote the landing of big data applications,and realize the digital transformation of the industry. In addition,the project itself has a deep industrial chain foundation, rich inindustrial resources, the future of the global car chain in theindustry expansion space is huge. AMC opened the transaction, isexpected to trigger a wave of snapping up, with the continuousprogress of the project, AMC prices will continue to strengthen,become a blockchain empowerment entity star, open up the realindustry digital assetization of the blue sea market! Let’s lookforward to it together!