A new type of online job opportunity has spread through the whole Kenya under the COVID-19 lockdown. Join to increase your revenue streams!

Life has been being consistently limited from the global Covid-19 lockdown, while social isolation has also brought thrives on the short-form social video platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. And in this situation, influencer marketing incorporating social media is a new phenomenon within the industry. For example, some non-celebrity social media influencers can pull in millions of dollars each year from brand partnerships and sponsorships. No wonder that, it illustrates perfectly how big a fan community of a Social Media Influencer and how successful Social Media Influencer can nowadays become. It is a new era for the influencers.

Although everyone can be the star on the platform, it is hard to stand out from such a crowded world of influencers, where everyone is working hard to produce high-quality works. Moreover, it is also challenging and consuming to keep pace with the furious pace of social media change, even you have great ideas. There is a war for attention right now on social media, the only way to get heard on social media is to cut through all the noise.

If you are one of the influencers who is struggling to get attention on social media, all you need is the Wealth-APP, a customized social engagement platform with a clear and straightforward mission: help you voice yourself and get heard globally, it creates a short path between “you” and “the global”. With a low cost down to $0.45 (Ksh 50), you can put the link of your social media works on Wealth-APP, and all the Wealth users who have been assigned with different missions will hit the link, like and reshare or even become one of your followers. They are not just any followers — they are real followers, no bots. It is known that the top-tier influencers with accounts of between 100,000 and one million followers can expect to make about $670 per post on average. Once you achieve a large amount of followings, your followers will endorse you and tell a compelling story about your brand. Wealth is a user-friendly content management solution that will customize a strategic development plan if you set an order of over $20,000.

If you are one of those who is seeking for a stable income, Wealth can also help you achieve that, all you need is following the instruction and completing your assignments, even without stepping out of your house! It is learned that Wealth launched the online work in many countries a year ago, once you registered as a user on this platform, you will be assigned with different missions which can assure you a stable living during the pandemic lockdown. Wealth creatively employed the triple-win business model as the core strategy for profitably doing business. We have also learned that Wealth has started new pilot cities in Nairobi since January 2021 from the interview. The registered users have spread through the whole Kenya. Every user will earn as much as $ 0.38 (Ksh40) if you accomplish tasks which Wealth assigned to you. You will also be rewarded with an extra amount of money if you invited people to become new users on Wealth and help you with the assignments. The Wealth company says such a role on Wealth platform can guarantee all eligible Wealth users with basic coverage. The company has also stated that there are no qualifications on the members and all he members have free access to the platform. The working contract can last as long as 10 years and Wealth users can get more income by upgrading to a higher level of work. Besides the free access to the income deposits, Wealth encourages the users with incentive systems which offer better supports to those who are willing to earn more money.

In the interview, Wealth also talked about the development plan of discovering the talented performers by offering them a free promotion on the platform. Moreover, Wealth also devotes to global peace and human progress by working together with different countries.

Wealth advises everyone to stay alerts as there are recently many copycats using deceptive websites to commit their fraud schemes and luring in unsuspecting victims. Please confirm the Wealth company which made the very first plan on “Global-to-you”. Let us together witness the rise of Wealth.