Carry the charm of a disruptive new game that is more popular than fomo3D

Carry is currently on the market long-awaited disruptive innovation decentralized new mechanism on the chain platform, using a new way of entry 2 out of 1 out of the game, while 50% of the entry funds given out of the order, 20% divided to the entry single, 20% divided to the promoter, 4% given to the NFT holder, 1% of the tail single prize pool divided to the most tail into 10 lucky people, the team only retains 5% as technical transport and peacekeeping Development of new ecology.

The team is likely to be the famous Team Just team. The team’s representative work, Fomo3D, has taken the world’s on-chain games by storm.

Fomo3D is a decentralized on-chain game built by Team Just, running directly on the ethereum network as a distributed application (Dapp) like Ethercat. The game is carefully programmed and deployed by smart contracts and is itself completely decentralized and not controlled by anyone, it will run automatically until the death of the ethereum network and will only pay out according to the rules of the game, no matter how tempting the underlying pool is.

According to the comparison of the mechanics of the two games, the Carry mechanic is more popular in the market, and Carry has a very big advantage to become the most popular gaming platform in the world.