Comes out the OVE life and health chain, finds out the mystery of gene code

Blockchain, a wave sweeping the Internet and the world economy, is bringing revolutionary changes to different industries. At this moment, constant changes also have happened in medical and health care. Genomics, a major technological breakthrough in medical technology, successfully improves the understanding and treatment of up to 7000 rare diseases, including cancer and other complex and chronic diseases. When combining blockchain with genomics perfectly, a revolutionary medical genome ecosystem will be formed. All in all, creating a new era of medical health also provides a first-class proposition driven by the advanced blockchain technology in the fast-growing personalized medical market.

OVE aims to use ‘public chain technology’ plus ‘financial system’ plus ‘business model’ plus ‘gene health application’ to create an OVE free ecology. By overturning the secret of life and health genes, it remains committed to exploring the method to combine blockchain with the gene field in a bid to build a global gene management community based on blockchain.

OVE token is a global and open blockchain ecosystem based on blockchain technology. As a value-convertible token with dual attributes of equity and investment, the OVE token highlights its value under the resonance mode of OVE. It makes genetic data no longer the privilege of a special person by letting ordinary people enjoy the convenience of genetic data.

OVE is committed to solving problems confronted by the current human genetic data industry. It promotes the stable development of this industry through building the Gene Blockchain based on blockchain intelligent contract technology which is especially suitable for organizing, classifying, and authenticating traditionally unverified industries.

In the aspect of an ecological application, OVE ecological health chain will redefine the field of life gene health and will be available in the various popular application, such as gene health contracts, gene health laboratory, gene health data, gene social platforms, etc. It will implement the application of ecological construction in an all-round way.

Apart from these, individual users can obtain genetic data through OVE ecological health chain, and connect their existing record systems of business and public through blockchain. On the OVE community platform, users will be able to find personalized products quickly and easily, including personalized disease treatment, Personalized health management, appropriate entertainment, and a more intelligent matching dating model.

OVE tokens can be used not only to exchange and settle other currencies on the OVE system platform but also in business and community platforms by each genetic data token-holders. As the world’s first currency circulating on the chain, the OVE token will reshape the field of the genetic health of life code, enabling everyone to obtain genetic health data as long as they are in the public OVE ecological chain. This will form the basis of new technology development and new application in the future.

In its initial issue, OVE has released 100,000,000 tokens, which can be used in the fields of life, health, and ecological services. Users can also obtain monetary rewards through continuous promotion to maintain and increase the value of assets. As more and more attention is paid to the field of life and health, the value of digital assets of token holders has also been increased (4 dollars up to now). In the future, wealth will be doubled and every token holders’ wealth dream will be realized.

As one of the hot digital assets in the world, the OVE developed by an original app, continuously innovates to improve trading operations and thus initiating a global innovative trading model. At the same time, it can realize currency appreciation thanks to the rewards of invitation in the transaction process. The OVE is a legal, fair, and open platform for life and health genetic code in the blockchain.

Boasting a new system that subverts the tradition, the OVE is committed to being the pioneer in the world to make the wealth dream of all partners come true. Initiated by Freedom, a digital foundation jointly established by TFXI of Cyprus and SGCI of Germany, the OVE was created by the global blockchain experts and elites and the world’s leading blockchain technology operation talents.

It is not difficult to find that the value of OVE tokens in the future is immeasurable, as its application scenarios are constantly extended to government, enterprise, and individual projects in various countries.

Joining OVE heralds the beginning of wealth and the peak of a career!